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Attendance & Punctuality

Thorndon Primary School is committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all its pupils and recognises this can only be achieved by supporting and promoting excellent school attendance for all. This is based on the belief that only by attending school every day the school is available and punctually will children be able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. High attainment depends on school attendance.

The All Saints Schools Trust (ASST) takes attendance seriously and all our school follow the Trust wide attendance policy. Please read the policy and if you have any questions, please contact the school office who will be more than happy to help. 

Term Time Holidays

The All Saints Schools Trust Attendance Policy, in line with DfE and Suffolk Education advice, is that all holidays should be taken in school closure periods, of which there are 13 weeks over the course of the academic year and the school will not authorise any term time holidays, regardless of the reasons.

Leave of Absence

The school may grant a leave of absence only in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Headteacher, for example to attend a funeral or a wedding of a close family member. This is reserved for a day or two. 

Applications for a Leave of Absence or Term Time Holiday

Applications must be made in writing at least two weeks in advance of the absence, using the form available from the school office. Please note any leave of absence will not be authorised when children are due to take national/school tests: May/June for Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Fixed Penalty Notice

The All Saints Schools Trust  policy stipulates that on the 6th unauthorised session (i.e. 3 days) a fixed penalty notice will be issued.

When the 6th session of unauthorised absence is reached through unauthorised term time holiday(s) or any other unauthorised absence(s) from school, this will result in an immediate penalty notice fine. The fine is £60 per child, per parent, so for example, two parents with two children, the fine would be £240.


It is very important that children arrive at the stipulated time and ready to start school at 9am.

The school gates will be locked at 9am and registration will begin. If your child is late and not present for registration, then they will be marked as absent in the school register. Arriving after registers have closed will result in an unauthorised absence and will count towards a possible fixed penalty notice.

Being punctual and arriving on time is an essential life skill and one that is learnt from an early age. Arriving late does impact on the child’s education as they miss early morning work or the start of lessons.

All attendance and punctuality is monitored by the school and the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) and parents/carers will be contacted if the school or the EWO have a concern.

For more details on pupil school attendance and punctuality, please read the ASST Attendance Policy (December 2022) or speak to the school office.

School Attendance Data

Due to COVID-19 and school closure, there is no published attendance data for 2021/2022.

The last published attendance data was for the academic year 2018/2019:

  • Absence was 4% (National 4.2%)
  • Persistent absence was 8.7% (National average 8.7%)
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