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Forest Schools



  • To promote children’s social and emotional development in a stimulating, safe and natural environment.
  • To allow children to play, explore and develop practical skills.
  • To build and strengthen their bodies and their minds.
  • To develop an awareness of the natural environment, the interdependence of species and environmental considerations.
  • To encourage children to be aware of hazards and risks and to take responsibility for themselves and others. 

National Curriculum 2014

The National Curriculum 2014 requires that every child should develop practical skills in order to participate, compete and lead a healthy lifestyle

  • Arrive properly equipped for outdoor and adventurous activities.
  • Understand the need to show accomplishment in managing risks.
  • Show an ability to both lead and form part of a team.
  • Support others and seek support if required when the situation dictates.
  • Show resilience when plans do not work and initiative to try new ways of working.
  • Use maps, compasses and digital devices to orientate themselves.
  • Remain aware of changing conditions and change plans if necessary.

The Forest School programme offers children experiences that fulfil these requirements. 

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