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Thorndon children take part in yoga classes with British Wheel of Yoga teacher Clare Hall. The word 'yoga' means 'balance'. It takes its inspiration from nature and the natural world, promoting universal values of friendship and co-operation. Sessions run across the academic year and are developed and adapted to meet the needs of the children across the school year groups.

The aims of the yoga sessions include:

  • Promoting overall physical health and activity
  • Improving balance
  • Developing co-ordination and concentration
  • Helping children to learn how to relax
  • Offering a fun and creative way of applying key areas of the curriculum such as physical education, literacy, numeracy, history, science and geography

In Ark class, yoga is very play based with the use of lots of props, games and stories. Sam Taylor (LSA) from Ark class comments on some of the benefits of the sessions in Ark:

“Yoga offered carefully thought out integration of curriculum areas of literacy, numeracy and physical education. The counting was great and playing games kept them engaged and challenged their brains.”

Moving up to Discovery class, postures are held for longer and pairs and group sequences are developed. Child C, in her evaluation of recent sessions reflected:

“I remember doing the boat pose because we worked together and we were trusting each other.”

Discovery class teacher comments:

“I thought the sessions were more powerful and meaningful to the children as they linked in to our topics. It made yoga a part of our learning rather than a stand-alone extra.”

In Endeavour class, there is a deeper exploration of topic areas, physical postures, anatomy, pairs work and sequences. Yoga is also being successfully used with Year 6 in the SATS term to offer the children tools to help deal with exam stress.

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