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The Write Stuff

'The Write Stuff' is an exciting scheme we use to teach our children to become excellent writers.

Each unit is based on a high quality book.  Children journey through the book with their class and identify key 'plot points' as the story unfolds.

At each plot point children are carefully guided by their teachers to use the 'Writing Rainbow' to identify:

FANTASTICS: key language features such as feelings, what you notice, questions

GRAMMARISTICS: key grammar features such as sentence structures, paragraphing and punctuation

BOOMTASTICS: key technical features such as smiles, metaphors, rhyme and alliteration

Children then have an opportunity to practice developing their writing, sentence by sentence. This is called 'sentence stacking' and the work is displayed on the wall for reference.

Sentence stacking lessons run alongside 'Experience Sessions' - these may be based on a practical activity, for example using Drama, to help deepen children's understanding of what they are finding out in the class book.

Children then use their new skills to write independently.

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