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Thorndon's Curriculum Implementation

Believe and Achieve

This is rooted in everything we do. The teaching of our ‘Rainbow Values’ underpins the learning throughout the school. Our school prayer encourages and empowers the children to have a sense of belief in themselves and others. Teachers understand the level of each child and know where they need to be going. This is achieved by careful planning and differentiation according to the needs of the child so that all children reach their full potential. 

Children are encouraged to challenge themselves by choosing ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ greater depth challenges in certain subjects. Children develop knowledge, understanding and skills by being determined to succeed. The children develop knowledge and understanding through a creative immersive curriculum, they build on prior knowledge using the progression Cornerstones embeds through its curriculum.

The teacher will ‘Teach 10’ at the start of a topic to assess prior knowledge.  At the end of the topic the children are invited to create a presentation to show-case their fantastic learning. What better way to empower the children by making them the teacher!

Curisoity, Resilience and Creativity

Most of our lessons begin with a question to encourage children to be inquisitive and curious about the world around them. Children need real life experiences to be able to apply their knowledge. We provide this by giving the children ‘hook’ days and explorative experiences on trips and in school. Hook days give the children a valuable experience about the topic they are going to be learning. The children’s resilience and perseverance are embedded from Early Years.  This has enabled the children to become fantastic editors and to learn from their mistakes.

Lifelong Love of Learning

At Thorndon School our children become lifelong learners, who have a passion and love of learning. We provide our children with a multitude of different differentiated learning experiences that captures their imagination, curiosity and creativity. Our children start each topic with a “hook day”, this is an experience day to peak the children interested and get them hooked on the topic. This inspires them to be curious, ask questions and incorporate as well as build upon prior knowledge. We finish the topics with “Fabulous finishes” this allows for all learning in that topic to be to be embedded and consolidated and gives children the chance to flourish in many different areas and types of learning. All of our children go to Forest School, regularly. This helps them to develop a love of learning, deepen and advance their skills and knowledge across the curriculum as well as find joy in nature and the outdoors.

The curriculum allows children to find their learning passions, learn to believe in themselves, feel a sense of achievement, experience and enjoy areas of learning, which go above and beyond the statutory curriculum. We provide this in numerous ways:

By incorporating a range of visitors and exciting school visits to scaffold and deepen learning, through our hook days and fabulous finishes.

Facilitating children to regularly meet people from the local community and develop our local community. We do this with close links in our local church, close work with local nursing homes and regular events where we invite in the community.

Provide opportunities to compete in sporting competitions.

Perform in front of audiences. We do this at least twice yearly to the community in our Nativity and end of Summer Term play, as well as regular opportunities for presentations and performance in collective worship.

Ensure pupil voice makes a difference in school through Pupil Perception and Eco Club, as well as locally, nationally and further afield.

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