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Behaviour and Pastoral Care


School Rules

Children are expected to behave with consideration towards others and to conduct themselves in a polite and orderly manner. The children have drawn up their own ‘Code of Behaviour’ that acts as a structure in developing self-discipline, including courtesy, respect and good manners. If children need to be disciplined then an appropriate form of sanction is applied. If their behaviour continues to give concern, parents will be contacted and invited to discuss the problem. Our behaviour policy is shared with parents.

Pastoral Aims:

  • To develop awareness of self with sensitivity to others and to acquire a set of moral values.
  • To develop confidence, self-discipline, co-operation and appropriate behaviour.
  • To develop a caring and positive attitude towards others, irrespective of their creed, colour and gender.
  • To care for each child’s health, happiness and social relationships.
  • To develop good relationships between home and school.
  • To develop the unique role of Thorndon Primary School in the community.


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